The Piccino is compact and sturdy – a brilliantly manufactured coffee machine, incorporating all the engineering skills and expertise behind the Fracino brand. Installation is quick and easy, and its construction using stainless steel will enable you to use it for many years to come. It will make two coffees at the same time and has the ability to froth milk and make coffee simultaneously. The Piccino is one of the fastest coffee machines for the home market.

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The Stradivari was introduced into the La Pavoni range in 2005.

Its internal mechanisms are very similar to the Europiccola but the body work has been updated for a more modern coffee lover. Influenced by the shape of the Stradivarius violin, this beautiful machine combines the three key La Pavoni principles of elegance, quality and reliability.

The model Stradivari has been created by drawing inspiration from the most famous maker in the world. Antonio Stradivari.

The base resembles the violin case and the lever as the bow. The result is a perfect combination of performance and aesthetics.

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The perfect home use grinder to last for years and years.

The Rocky grinder optimizes the grinding of every dose of espresso. The powerful motor allows grinding at a low speed, which prevents the bean from overheating to maintain its aroma and keep the flavour intact.

Built to a very solid commercial standard the Rocky has steel grinding burrs guaranteeing a perfectly uniform grind.

Tough coffee spout and rest to stand your portafilter on in exactly the right position to avoid spillage.




The new Silvia Pro version looks similar to Silvia V6 versions but with enhanced performance and functionality. The Silvia Pro espresso machine is perfect for home use as well as in a small office.

The Silvia Pro has a Dual Boiler system which allows you to steam milk simultaneously while extracting the espresso. The temperature in both boilers can be controlled through the single digital display.

Through the digital display you can save time and energy by programming to switch on the machine after a certain number of hours and switch off after a certain time of inactivity.

The height adjustable grid under the cups allows to perfectly fitting different sized cups and glasses to enjoy your favourite drink.

A E Stanton are an authorised Rancilio reseller and service centre.


Rancilio only make one domestic coffee machine – the Silvia. All the expertise of building high quality commercial coffee machines has been compressed and built into a machine for the home that has a reputation for solid performance and very long lasting reliability. It has a large brass boiler that allows for ample steam production , a solid brass 58mm group head for superior heat stability and an iron frame with stainless steel casing for long lasting durability.

The multi directional steam wand produces an exceptionally powerful blast of steam for easy milk foaming.

The portafilter has an ergonomically designed handle angled for correct grip when inserting it into the group.


(This product is not a stock item, available on special requests only)

A E Stanton are an authorised Rancilio reseller and service centre.