NEW for 2019, and made in Italy. Don’t confuse this with previous models its a major upgrade.
The same size, style and weight of the professional machines, the chromed brass group and filter holder are designed to guaranteee optimal coffee temperature throughout the entire brewing process and an improved in-cup quality.
New rocker switches a renovated stainless steel bodywork shape to make the water level visible, a new drip tray to improve stability,
An iconic filter-holder with the signature Gaggia “G”.
The 3-ways solenoid valve ensures a constant control on water pressure inside the filter-holder. Once the brewing is ended, it guarantees a perfect drying of coffee pucks, making removal and cleaning easier.

See this Review-its a bit long but does give a full history.

(This product is not a stock item, available on special requests only)



Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 265 × 200 × 300 mm
Gaggia Classic 2019

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Deluxe, Prestige

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