Espresso coffee machine and cappuccino built with bright stainless steel body. Equipped with PID, a program used to set the coffee temperature. The user can adjust the temperature of the coffee in a range from 80°C to 100°C. Lever switches and leds for each machine function. Brass group, filter holder and boiler to obtain a better thermal stability. One cup filter for both ESE pods and ground coffee. Filterholder in brass.

Brass, pressurized, automatic filter holder espresso crema already fitted to use all kind of pods on the market. It guarantees creamy and tasty coffee. The Espresso crema filter holder, fitted with one only filter for ground coffee, by hooking it to the group, stops the brewing process by means of a patented system and enables a pre-infusion under pressure which takes out all the flavour and taste from the coffee.

The Cappuccino Automatic system easily and immediately takes the milk directly from the jug delivering it perfectly frothed and heated into the cup. The system ensures maximum hygiene and requires no manual dexterity from the operator. At the end of the frothing cycle you only need to pump water through the system to remove any milk residues. The special turbo cappuccino thanks to the “turbine effect” makes easily an abundance of frothy hot milk and enables the preparation of tea and of any other hot drink. The turbo cappuccino steam pipe with the turbine effect makes an abundance of frothy hot milk. Extractable main cable.

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Stainless steel shiny body

3 lt Removable water tank

Brewing of 2 cups of coffee at the same time

Hot water supply

Steam delivery

Filterholder in brass

Stainless steel grill tray

Active cups

Control spies

PID System

Lever control switches

Pump pressure 15 bar

Brass boiler

Coffee measure

Coffee tamper

Cappuccino Automatic

Absorbed power 950 W

Power feeding -230-240 Volt 50Hz and 120 Volt 60Hz

Weight 9.3 kg
Dimensions 335 x 250 x 275 mm
La Pavoni Dolce Espresso DESPID, Espresso Pressurizzato DEMPID

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La Pavoni Dolce Espresso DESPID, La Pavoni Dolce Espresso Pressurizzato DEMPID

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