Our philosophy is to offer our customers the coffee they enjoy the most. We don’t confuse them with a multiplicity of origins, rather create a roast that suits our customers pallet. Feedback and flexibility are essential to keep the “hand roasted” touch that has been our motto since 1935. We use a traditional 25Kg Probat Roaster.

We source the highest quality Arabica coffee beans from the South American, Asia and Africa, mixed where appropriate with a small proportion of Vietnamese or Indian Robusta to provide a little extra bite. All our coffees are roasted then blended the day prior to delivery to ensure freshness. Our technique involves regular inspection during the roasting process to ensure perfect result for every batch.

Costa Rican Blend

A medium roasted blend of South American and Asian beans. This coffee is full bodied, smooth and rich in flavour. This is a very popular coffee, it is suitable for all bean to cup machines. An excellent coffee for all day drinking.

Espresso Blend

This coffee is roasted and blended uniquely to create an Italian style espresso. Full bodied in taste and strong in flavour. Suited for espresso, macchiato and cappuccino. A perfect after dinner coffee.

Village Blend

A subtle blend of lighter roasted coffee beans. This coffee is fruity with high acidity. Ideal blend for breakfast and consumption and throughout the day.

Pure Arabica

A pure roast of single origin coffee beans. A silky, full taste leaving a clean flavour in your mouth. Lots of body and acidity but with a pleasant smoothness.


Darkly roasted decaffeinated beans to replicate a strong full bodied coffee. This coffee boasts of flavour without the caffeine, removed by the Swiss Water Process.

Brasserie Mix

This new blend has become a form favourite with our office and home users of Bean to Cup machines. Including a small proportion of darker roast beans results in a more Italian style of coffee.

French Blend

Dark roasted coffee with a mature flavour. This coffee has an exciting character with full boost of aroma. Recommended for the established coffee drinker. A perfect after dinner espresso.

Terracotta Blend

A perfect combination of different coffees and roasting styles. This is a very exciting and interesting blend. The coffee excites all parts of your palate. Full flavoured with an enjoyable after taste.